Monday, August 3, 2009

My Mahalo Obsession

A month ago I had never heard of a website called Mahalo.

Now I am there daily answering questions, researching interesting subjects and managing a page that others can use as research.

What is Mahalo?

It is a human based search engine. It works like this, You have a subject of interest you search for it. A page will come up and will provide detailed information on it, or it allows you to make a page for the next searcher. this is my example. I wanted to know more about this beautiful city so I did a search. Nothing came up, so I was offered a chance to make a page. I love researching, so I started. Gathering one piece of information after another, until I believe it is a very informative page.
Then comes the decision to manage this page or leave it unmanaged for others to add to. This page I have not claimed as of yet, but I will before long as I had my managing limit raised to 6 pages.

The page I do manage is about Gymboree.
I was researching on this because I love the clothes and when I searched I found there was no page for Gymboree so I found out so much information and started building the page. I updated the page and even more links appeared. Links on coupons, blogs, Stock news, classes and of course the branded merchandise.

Click a link and come on over and see if Mahalo calls to you at 3 am on a Monday morning to come on over and do some research. Let me know if you love it!

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