Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday party for 5

I have a secret. It is pretty fun to have a secret, and I am enjoying this one.
This afternoon I will be trecking over to Ellis' house with a birthday cake and basket of gifts from Casey and we will have a birthday party for all 5 children.

Casey got some very nice items for them and with the cake and ice cream, I can not see how it will be said that the kids did not have a party.

But I will of course have to wait and see what is said. Seems I promised shoes to Cody if he came and spent the night. Thank goodness Cody told me what was promised or he would have gone home without the "promised" shoes.

But I have been planning on going and giving a small birthday party for them and tomorrow is the day I chose. Since they all have school Monday I believe all 5 should all be home and available for a party.

Only one question .... what flavor cake will make 5 children happy. Oh what a dilemma.


  1. How did it go? Did you take pics? :)

  2. I did not get there. :( I was sick and so I did not make it in time to have the party. Good thing about surprises.. No one is let down when it falls apart.

  3. that sucks :( Did casey go? poor rorge, I hope you feel better soon.