Saturday, January 15, 2011

A new year means a new outlook on life

He new year came in with me living in a new location.  A move of 2000 miles again. This decade, just like last decade has me starting over in a new state.  This time I have moved to Kentucky. I am closer to Angie and happily Casey and her family and Ellis and his family relocated here as well. 

This move has been great for the family. We have been reunited with Angie and it means that all 11 grandchildren are now in one city.  One small city named Winchester. This is the city that Daniel Boone lived before the civil war.  The history here is interesting, and since I love history, it is conveniently located. We had plans to attend the open house at Fort Boonesboro, but it was closed because of bad weather. Once spring arrives I will be touring the fort and learning more about how the lives were led back in the early 1800's.

The house I rent is backed up to a sheep farm and so Beau and Arrow, the Australian shepherds love to herd them by running up to the fence and barking. They can herd the sheep all the way up to the house on top of the hill.  They feel quite a sense of accomplishment and head in for dinner.

The winter here has been a bit cold.  We have had snow several days and one ice storm.  The power has never gone out, so I am thankful for that.  The dogs seem to enjoy the snow to a certain degree. They  do however come in quickly when there is snow on the ground.  Arrow has developed the bad habit of slipping past Gerry when he comes home from work and running loose for about thirty  minutes.  She returns after checking out the back yards that connect all the houses on the dead end road. 

Hubpages have been occupying much of my time as I try to increase my presence at the site.  This is a site that allows you to write on a variety of subjects and have people comment and leave feedback. I enjoy the site immensely and have been writing there for over a year. 

Casey writes there and has some interesting hubs on some very unusual topics. After much convincing, Angie has set up an account and I hope to read some of her work soon.  I know she will have a wealth of information once she takes a few minutes to start writing. 

Ellis has moved his five children here and they are settling down nicely. They have a cute house with the best fireplace in Winchester. I love the feel of that fire and find myself sitting close to it and soaking it all in. Tyler has really been talking and talking well. He is potty trained and very proud of that accomplishment. The children from all three families had a wonderful Christmas and the day was full of happiness, good company and good food. 

Angie Casey and I have started an exercise program. It is called Zumba and it is fun to exercise when you are dancing to the Brazilian music. The weight is slow to come off, but the fitness is the main goal. So slow and steady is the goal as long as it is fun, I am comfortable with that. There is a website that we use which tracks nutrition, exercise and fitness. The website is called There are so many tools available on this site.  A place to track not just your weight, but your inches as well.

This is a recap of what has been going on in my life and will get me back in the blogging mode. 

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