Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Village

There is no real snow in Phoenix. But snow lives in my heart. So I have my winter snow Christmas Village all over my house. I sometimes think it drops a good 10 degrees just walking past these little houses covered in snow with all the children and parents working together to get those snowmen carefully draped in their colorful woolen scarves. 

The children ice skating in the park and sledding on the snowbanks starts to cause me to become energetic and suddenly I am craving hot cocoa.

Sipping my cocoa ,I think about the simpler times and think that life for them must have been so nice and calm and just lovely.  To be able to see the lawns and  trees covered in snow in your neighborhood. To hear the carolers as they stroll from house to house spreading good cheer to all they encounter.

 So yes,  once a year I bring out my little village with the cozy villagers and let them enjoy 30 days out of their packages and out of the heat of the Phoenix closet.  I let these little happy people ice skate in their little pond inside my house and sled in my living room.
And me? I just live vicariously through them.

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